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ICC World Cup2015 Afghanistan Squad

Afghanistan has received fame in cricket recently but the game has been played in Afghanistan since the mid of 19th century. In 1995, the Afghanistan Cricket Federation was established and the Afghan national team achieved the status of affiliated member …

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ICC World Cup 2015 Scotland Squad

Cricket is not so popular in Scotland as compared to its neighboring country England. Scotland has not achieved the status of a test-playing nation so far.


ICC World Cup 2015 India Squad

The cricket started in India in 1932 and since long India is among the top teams of international cricket. In 1983 and 2011, India won the


ICC World Cup 2015 South Africa Squad

In South Africa, cricket is popular among all the communities including Afrikaan-speaking and English speaking whites and Asian/Muslims while it is also the 2nd most


ICC World Cup 2015 Pakistan Squad

Pakistan national team is the full-member of ICC which participates in the T20 internationals, ODIs and test matches while the governing body of cricket in Pakistan


ICC World Cup 2015 West Indies Squad

In the 1880s, the West Indian cricket team toured Canada and USA after its formation which was the start of cricket in West Indies. The West


ICC World Cup 2015 Zimbabwe Squad

Zimbabwe now can play the test matches, ODIs and T20 international matches while its team was granted the full ICC membership in 1992. In Zimbabwe, the


ICC World Cup 2015 Ireland Squad

In the beginning of 19th Century, the British introduced cricket in Ireland while the first match was played in 1855 by the Irish cricket


ICC World Cup 2015 UAE Squad

In 1989, the cricket team of United Arab Emirates achieved the affiliated membership of ICC while they qualified the associated membership of ICC next

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Cricket World Cup 2015 Fixture

Australia and New Zealand are the two neighboring countries who’ll jointly host the 11th ICC ODI cricket world cup 2015 and ICC has also announced its schedule. The for Live cricket updates, Sports Highlights, Cricket Videos, Online Schedule & Scorecard. Watch Live Cricket Streaming - Online Match Stream | Live Cricket Matches

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